First days in Peru

Huaycan March 2nd 2018.

I decided to switch the language from Finnish to English. Finnish updates before this are found here:

So its Friday March 2nd, my 2nd (or 3rd) day in Huaycan, Lima, Peru. I have already slept two nights here and I feel quite ok with the jet lag.

First days are mostly learning the practical things: where to do shopping, how to travel if I want to go outside Huaycan etc. We do get three meals at the house of the volunteers, but its quite basic stuff. E.g. at the breakfest its white bread with jam and butter, which might get boring at some point, but there are also delicious fruits. E.g the mangos here are soooo good. Coffee needs to be bought by ourselves and surprisingly its not so easy to get filter coffee here, even though Peru is something like #10 as a coffee producer in the world. There is no such coffee culture as in Finland. Someone said its because of the heat, but its not so hot here compared to e.g. Spain where they do drink quite a lot of coffee. I think its just that coffee is not necessary here. But for a volunteer as myself I do need my coffee.

Today is the first day of “work”. There is of course introduction first but I will do my first shift at the youth center today. So lets see how the day goes 🙂

Here are pictures from my morning run into the local hills:


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