Weekend in Ayacucho

March 9th Huaycan

I have just arrived from Ayacucho, where I went for our weekend (Wednesday-Thursday). We travelled on a night-bus which took about 10 hours so we had two full days in Ayacucho.

Ayacucho is a birth place for the Shining light -movement. We visited the memorial museum which contained horrific stories about the violencies caused by both Shining light and goverment during 1980-2000.  http://anfasep.org.pe/museo-de-la-memoria/

We also visited the Quinua pampas, which is the place were Spanish troops were finally beaten and Peru got its independency (1824) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pampas_de_Ayacucho_Historic_Sanctuary. This place is in 3200m-4000m altitude, and I think I slightly felt it in my head.

Pictures from Ayacucho:

Behind me the battlefield where Spaniards were beaten

Waterfalls at Quinua. Later I took a shower there 🙂



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